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Thinking about grant funding your research?

Disease Specific

There are an increasing number of disease specific groups who are funding research, or providing a resource for identifying research opportunities or potential collaborations.

There have been a couple of articles discussing what projects get funded and one I found interesting was written from the view of a venture capital team The Calculus of Cures.

It is not mysterious why projects get funded. As venture-capital investors, we evaluate projects along four primary dimensions: development costs, selling costs, differentiation of the drug relative to current treatments, and incidence and prevalence of the targeted disease . For a project to be attractive, it needs to be favorably reviewed on at least two of these dimensions.

Projects targeting life-threatening orphan diseases are attractive because they are easily differentiated from existing treatments (if any exist) and the development costs are lower. In contrast some psychiatric diseases may require extensive (and costly) clinical trials, especially to differentiate from older generic drugs.

If you are thinking about contributing to these charities don’t forget those that provide care and support.

Arthur Rank Hospices
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer
Macmillan Cancer Support
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Multiple Sclerosis Trust

These sites may also be of interest.

Cord Blood Stem Cells
Rare Diseases UK

Page Updated 25 September 2015