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About Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Cambridge MedChem Consulting was founded in 2006 by Chris Swain to offer a range of consultancy services in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, in particular to support academic and small or medium sized Pharma companies.

Recent activities include, providing medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry support for a projects supported by the "Seeding Drug Discovery Initiative" initiated by Wellcome Trust. Member of the Scientific Advisory Boards of Selcia Ongoing collaborations with small startup companies providing lead finding oversight and lead optimisation input. Provided licensing oversight and review of possible licensing candidates. "Trusted third party" for the European Lead Factory.

Speaker and tutor for RSC summer school and Pharma companies, Chair of RSC CICAG interest group, member of RSC BMCS group and part of the organising committee for the biannual RSC-SCI Cambridge Medicinal Chemistry Conference.

Services include...

Dr Chris Swain BA MA (Cantab) PhD CChem FRSC
Cambridge MedChem Consulting,