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Drug Discovery Resources Website Stats

I wrote a blog entry about things that should be considered when proposing a hit identified from virtual screening as a drug candidate. Several people have suggested I create an easily identifiable web page so they can reference it. So here it is

COVID-19 and the Identification of "Drug Candidates".

I also thought I'd use the opportunity to look at the Drug Discovery Resources website stats for the first 6 months of 2020.

The Drug Discovery Resources pages are intended to act as a resource for scientists undertaking drug discovery, they were initially based on a course I give but have been expanded to give much more detail and to cover subjects not covered in the course.

The site has been viewed by almost 40,000 viewers with most people viewing a couple of pages per session. The viewers come from over 150 countries, the top countries being.

  • United States (28%)
  • United Kingdom (16%)
  • India (9%)
  • Germany (3.5%)
  • China (3%)
  • Canada (3%)
  • Japan (3%)

The most viewed pages were

Looking at the operating systems 55% are Windows users, 20% Mac users, 12% iOS and 12% Android, Chrome dominates the browser stats (64%) with Safari second (17%) and Firefox third (7%).