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ChemSpider Search

If like me you regularly come across drugs mentioned on web pages that you are unfamiliar with then this Safari Extension will be of interest. If a page contains a drug name (this page describes AOX1 substrates), select the name and right click (or control click) and an option appears to search for the highlighted drug on ChemSpider.

Click on Search for “Loratidine” on ChemSpider option and the structure appears in a small window.

The new version of the extension has a few extra options, the small window that pops up containing the structure now has a number of additional options highlighted below, if you click on the “3D” button the display changes to a 3D rendering using the Java applet JMOL. If you now click on the “Zoom” button.

If you then click on the “view” option a new page opens showing the full details in ChemSpider.