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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

ADME pages updated

I've spent a while updating the ADME section of the Drug Discovery Resources. I particular I've added a little on the Developability score DOI that identifies four distinct cLog P/molecular weight regions that define optimal and sub-optimal chemical space. I've also added a couple of useful references.

In addition, I've expanded the Absorption and Bioavailability page to include more on bioavailability with links to physicochemical properties. The Distribution and Plasma Protein Binding section has a couple of extra examples demonstrating the impact plasma protein binding has on other pharmacokinetic properties. I've added a few details of in vitro assays to the Transporters page, and expanded the in silico brain penetration models section.

The section on Aldehyde oxidase has been greatly expanded and now includes a section on prediction and mitigation, and added useful references.