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The Polypharmacology Browser PPB2

Off-target activity is often ignored and might only be uncovered relatively late in the drug discovery program. Whilst broad spectrum screening is available it can be rather expensive. Predicting potential off-target activities is an attractive approach and this paper describes the development of a prediction tool using nearest neighbours combined with machine learning.

The Polypharmacology Browser PPB2: Target Prediction Combining Nearest Neighbors with Machine Learning DOI

To build PPB2 we collected a bioactivity dataset of all compounds having at least IC50 < 10 uM on a single protein target in ChEMBL22 considering only high confidence data points as annotated in ChEMBL and only targets for which at least 10 compounds were documented

You can try it out here PPB2., depending on the model chosen the results are calculated in a couple of minutes, but don't post your proprietary molecules. Typical results are shown below, clicking on the green "Show NN" button shows the most similar structures.