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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

21st RSC / SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

Registration for the 21st RSC / SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium Monday-Wednesday, 13th-15th September 2021 hosted at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK is now open. Twitter hashtag - #CamMedChem21

As usual there is a stella lineup of presentations and there is still time for some submissions.

I'd like to highlight one talk that is close to my heart. Ed Griffen will talking about The COVID Moonshot: SARS-CoV2 oral antiviral therapeutics from an Open Science global collaboration.

The COVID Moonshot is an ambitious crowdsourced initiative to accelerate the development of a COVID antiviral. We work in the open with no intellectual property constraints. This way, any scientist can view submitted drug designs and experimental data to inspire new design ideas. We use our cutting-edge machine learning tools and Folding@home's crowdsourced supercomputer to determine which drug designs to send to our partners to make and test in the lab. With each drug design tested, we get closer to our goal.

This talk will be in the late breaker session and because of the open nature of the project it will be a chance to really see the very latest results "hot off the press".

You can have a look at the latest results here now.

30th April: Late breaker and early poster deadline
23rd July: Final poster deadline

Registration link