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ChEMBL 33 released

The latest update to ChEMBL has been released.

This fresh release comes with a few new data soures and also some new features: we added bioactivity data for understudied SLC targets from the RESOLUTE project and included a flag for Natural Products and for Chemical Probes. An annotation for the ACTIONTYPE of a measurement was included for approx. 270 K bioactivities. We also time-stamped every document in ChEMBL with their CREATIONDATE!

This version of the database, prepared on 31/05/2023 contains:

    2,399,743 compounds (of which 2,372,674 have mol files)
    3,051,613 compound records (non-unique compounds)
  20,334,684 activities
    1,610,596 assays
         15,398 targets
         88,630 documents

Full details are here

ChEMBL is a manually curated database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties. It brings together chemical, bioactivity and genomic data to aid the translation of genomic information into effective new drugs.