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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

In Silico Toxicology' Network Meeting 2019

A new initiative that should be very useful,

An event (with free registration) to foster the In silico Toxicology Community in the UK and beyond. Scientific contributions are as welcome as those on ongoing work, regulatory aspects, industry perspectives, databases, relevant software, journals etc. in the field. This event is meant to stimulate interactions and discussions, hence speakers are asked to present both about in silico toxicology approaches that are already useful to be applied at the current stage, as well as aspects that don't work that well right now, and where future developments are hence needed.

Venue 26 November 2019, Unilever Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (CB2 1EW)

Full details and link for registration here In Silico Toxicology' Network Meeting 2019.