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ReFRAME library as a comprehensive drug repurposing library

This looks a very interesting resource described in a recent publication. The ReFRAME library as a comprehensive drug repurposing library and its application to the treatment of cryptosporidiosis DOI.

The ReFRAME collection of 12,000 compounds is a best-in-class drug repurposing library containing nearly all small molecules that have reached clinical development or undergone significant preclinical profiling. The purpose of such a screening collection is to enable rapid testing of compounds with demonstrated safety profiles in new indications, such as neglected or rare diseases, where there is less commercial motivation for expensive research and development.

To date, 12,000 compounds (80% of compounds identified from data mining) have been purchased or synthesized and subsequently plated for screening. In addition, an open-access data portal ( has been developed to share ReFRAME screen hits to encourage additional follow-up and maximize the impact of the ReFRAME screening collection.

The website can be searched by structure or text string.

For Example searching for Malaria highlights a number of known therapeutic agents.


This looks like it will be an invaluable resource.