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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Annual site review

The Drug Discovery Resources website continues to be very popular with 161,922 page views. The pages were visited by over 76,200 viewers and around 20% of the visitors come back on multiple occasions suggesting they find it useful. The visitors come from 180 different countries with the top countries being

  • United States (27%)
  • United Kingdom (14%)
  • India (10%)
  • Germany (4%)
  • South Korea (3%)
  • China (3%)

One of the popular pages in 2021 was COVID-19 and the Identification of "Drug Candidates" a checklist for those using virtual screening to identify potential hits for COVID-19 targets. This has dropped out of the top pages in 2022.

The other most viewed pages were

Looking at the operating systems 54% are Windows users, 20% Mac users, 12% Android, 10% iOS and 2% Linux. The browsers of choice are Chrome and Safari with all other below 10%.

I don't know how comprehensive the analytics software is but there is approximately a 54:46 M:F split for Gender.