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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Medicines for Malaria Venture 14th call for proposals

MMV have just announced a call for proposals in the following three areas:

  1. Compounds addressing the key priorities of the malaria eradication agenda. Novel families of molecules in the hit-to-lead or lead optimization stages are sought without G6PD deficiency liabilities that either kill or reactivate hypnozoites for use as part of a P. vivax radical cure; or have dual activity against asexual and sexual stages (gametocytes) for treatment and transmission blocking.

  2. Asexual liver and blood stages. Novel chemical series with EC50<500nM and which have one or more of the following key features: A novel mechanism of action A long half-life (ideally >4h in rodents) and confirmed in vivo efficacy. For advanced series, we are seeking novel compounds with, ideally, a predicted human half-life >100h and a predicted single human dose <500mg or three day human dose of <50 mg.

  3. Novel approaches for screening. To help identify new phenotypic and/ or target based hits, as well as confirm activity of MMV compounds on all human malaria asexual blood stages, new screening proposals are sought.

They have also published Target product profiles & target candidate profiles.