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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

First Disclosures at ACS San Francisco

The ACS session organised by Division of Medicinal Chemistry includes a day of first disclosures of potential clinical candidates for the first time. Beth Halford was there and tweeted a series of hands drawn structures as they were disclosed. I've redrawn the structures and converted them into a single sdf file. I've also used Jupyter Notebook to calculate the physicochemical properties and plot them as shown in the image below.


As can be seen, many of the compounds are on the large size with molecular weights >450, a third of them have ionisable groups which serves to bring down the calculated LogD. All molecules contain an aromatic ring, indeed many contain multiple rings. Interestingly we see a number of examples where a biphenyl ring system bears multiple ortho substituents presumably locking the two aryl rings orthogonal, no mention of atrope isomers though. This might also reduce the planarity and increase the 3D shape.

The sdf file is available here if anyone spots any errors in the structures please let me know.