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Published Fragment Hits

I’ve continued to collect details of fragment based screening hits that have been reported in the literature. There are now over 600 hits reported for 113 different targets culled from over 160 publications. I’ll update the calculated properties for those compounds in due course. I was interested in seeing if the physicochemical profiles are different depending on the type of target, however as the plot below shows, the majority of those hits have been identified against enzyme targets so I think I’ll need more data before any meaningful conclusions can be made.


In contrast when looking at the screening technology used a variety of technologies have afforded a substantial number of hits, when I’ve abstracted the latest batch of papers I’ll have a look at the profiles of the compounds identified using each technology.


Finding the data is getting more of a challenge, it seems as fragment screening becomes more mainstream it is often not mentioned in the title or abstract. So if you have recently published a relevant paper if you could send me the reference or even a pdf I’d be very grateful.