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Open Targets

A little while back I mentioned the Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation, well it seems that it has now been renamed Open Targets.

The Target Validation platform brings together information on the relationships between potential drug targets and diseases. The core concept is to identify evidence of an association between a target and disease from various data types. A target can be a protein, protein complex or RNA molecule, but we integrate evidence through the gene that codes for the target. In the same way, we describe diseases through a structure of relationships called the Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO) that allows us to bring together evidence across different but related diseases.

There is a video online describing it in more details

This is an absolutely invaluable resource for anyone involved in drug discovery, simply type your query into the text box and submit the query.


This update also bring programmatic access to the data via a series of REST services, the API is fully documented. All the methods are available via a GET request and will serve the output formatted as json. There is a getting started tutorial available.