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In many companies/institutions/universities new arrivals are presented with a variety of desktop tools with little or no advice on how to use them other than "pick it up as you along". This workshop is intended to provide expert tutorials to get you started and show what can be achieved with the software.

The tutorials will be given a series of outstanding experts Christian Lemmen (BioSolveIT), Akos Tarcsay (ChemAxon), Giovanna Tedesco (Cresset), Dan Ormsby (Dotmatics) Greg Landrum (Knime ) and Matt Segall (Optibrium), you will be able to install the software packages on you own laptops together with a license to allow you to use it for a limited period after the event.

Registration opened just before Christmas and apparently there were a number of people sign up over the festive period. Remember there are a limited number of places and it is first come first served.

Registration and full details are here.

Computational Tools Flyer

Also a free one-day symposium Streamlining Drug Discovery" in Frankfurt
The very successful symposia series "Streamlining Drug Discovery" comes to Frankfurt on 14 February 2019. Jointly BioSolveIT, Optibrium, Lhasa and Elsevier invite you for this free one-day event highlighting new approaches and technologies being applied to the search for future therapeutics. For further details please visit the symposium website