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It has been a real pleasure to be involved with the GNA NOW Consortium ( and I'm really delighted to share this news.

NOSOPHARM AND GNA NOW ANNOUNCE POSITIVE RESULTS FOR THE LATE PRECLINICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FIRST-IN-CLASS ANTIBIOTIC NOSO-502 An important milestone has been reached for the GNA NOW Consortium with the completion of the GLP toxicology studies for the NOSO-502 program. The results allow for the further development of the program to Phase 1.

Full details are here

The NOSO-502 program received a unanimous recommendation from the internal and external experts of the GNA NOW Consortium to start preparing for clinical trials. This is of particular importance as novel classes of antibiotics with efficacy against the WHO critical priority Gram-negative pathogens are very rare. No novel class of antibiotics with efficacy against these pathogens has been introduced into clinical use for more than 40 years. Furthermore, according to a very recent and comprehensive analysis of the antibacterial drug pipeline, there is no first-in-class Gram-negative antibiotic with a novel target or a novel mode of action in clinical development. If successful, the introduction into the clinical use of NOSO-502 will give a new option to the physician for the treatment of patients suffering from life-threatening bacterial infections, avoiding a therapeutic dead-end. This way, NOSO-502 will strengthen the therapeutic arsenal against Gram-negative infections.

Fantastic news to all involved in the program and great news for patients.