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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Twenty Years of the Rule of Five

RSC-BMCS and RSC-CICAG are delighted to announce registration is now open for Twenty Years of the Rule of Five, Wednesday, 20th November 2019, Sygnature Discovery, BioCity, Nottingham, UK. #RuleofFive2019

It has been over twenty years since Lipinski published his work determining the properties of drug molecules associated with good solubility and permeability. Since then, there have been a number of additions and expansions to these “rules”. There has also been keen interest in the application of these guidelines in the drug discovery process and how these apply to new emerging chemical structures such as macrocycles.


This symposium will bring together researchers from a number of different areas of drug discovery and will provide a historical overview of the use of Lipinski’s rules, as well as looking to the future and how we use these rules in the changing drug compound landscape.

Full details and registration are here