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SureChEMBL Updated

SureChEMBL is a database of automatically abstracted patents, it uses three different methods to get structures, name to structure, image to structure and for some patents mol files if available. If you use it regularly you will be aware that it has become somewhat unreliable and the performance is not ideal.

This has just changed with an updated version of SureChEMBL.

Almost 10 years ago, EMBL-EBI acquired the SureChem system of chemically annotated patents and made this freely accessible in the public domain as SureChEMBL. Since then, our team has continued to maintain and deliver SureChEMBL. However, this has become increasingly challenging due to the complexities of the underlying codebase. We were awarded a Wellcome Trust grant in 2021 to completely overhaul SureChEMBL, with a new UI, backend infrastructure, and new features. We are now able to make available the first outputs from this project, which addresses the first two of these deliverables, with more to come in the future!

The new interface is here


If you have any issues you can submit them on GitHub

One particularly useful new feature is the new public api. I'll certainly be exploring this in the future.