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Drug Discovery Resources website annual report

The Drug Discovery Resources section of the website is intended to act as a resource for scientists undertaking drug discovery, it was originally simply a web page version of a course I used to give but has been continuously expanded and updated. Since this takes a far amount of time I like to monitor usage to check that it is being used.

In 2013 the Drug Discovery Resources section was viewed by nearly 24,000 unique visitors (there were 9000 unique visitors in 2012), 27% of which made more than one visit. There were 65,000 page views and on average visitors viewed two pages per visit. There were visitors from 141 different countries with the US and UK being the most common.

The most frequently accessed pages were

Drug Discovery Resources
Plasma Protein Binding and Distribution
Molecular Interactions
Fragment Screening

The most popular sections were

Hit Identification

The top search queries were

Plasma Protein Binding
Aldehyde Oxidase