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Research consortia to underpin proactive vaccinology

I know it is not small molecule drug discovery but I'm a great supporter of vaccination. Must be the most cost effective medical treatment around.

More details here


Funding will last for 5 years.

Measles eliminated in 33 countries

WHO Europe is reporting the elimination of measles or rubella can be verified once a country has sustained interruption of endemic transmission for at least 36 months. The RVC verified that the following countries achieved elimination status as of 2016 for one or both diseases *:

  • Denmark, Spain and the United Kingdom eliminated measles;
  • The Republic of Moldova, Sweden and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia eliminated rubella;
  • Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Montenegro and Uzbekistan eliminated both measles and rubella.
  • Spain and United Kingdom achieved elimination status for rubella as of 2015

This is another great success for the vaccination program with Measles no longer endemic in 79% of the WHO European Region

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