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DNDI and hope for patients with leishmaniasis

I've tried to support various efforts looking at ways to move drug discovery forward for neglected diseases, this video underlines the importance.

The past, present and future of anti-malarial medicines

A fantastic Open Access review of Malaria Drug Discovery DOI. Covers the history of Malaria medicines going back to quinine through to the latest MMV supported projects and our current understanding of some of the emerging novel molecular targets.


Neglected and Tropical Diseases Session at the 19th Cambridge MedChem Meeting


I'm delighted to report that over 200 people have now watched the video online, looks like it was a valuable resource.

One of the nice things about my job is I get the chance to take part in some truly inspiring events. Last month I had the honour of chairing a session on Neglected and Tropical Diseases at the 19th Cambridge MedChem Meeting. In an effort of extend the exposure of the brilliant science undertaken in this important therapeutic area the conference organisers arranged for this to be a live webinar. The session was also recorded and is now available online.

This is a recording of the Neglected and Tropical Diseases Session at the 19th Cambridge MedChem Meeting, 11-13 September 2017. The speakers are Kelly Chibale (Univ of Capetown), Christoph Boss (Actelion), Rob Young (GlaxoSmithKline), Jonathan Large (LifeArc) and Charles Mowbray (DNDI).

Please feel free to share. #19thCamMedChem.