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Diamond Light Source facility will be upgraded through a £500 million investment.

Diamond Light Source science facility in Oxfordshire will be upgraded through a £500 million investment.


Established in 2001 and opened in 2007, Diamond is a joint-venture between UKRI-STFC (86%) and the Wellcome Trust (14%).

The Diamond-II upgrade will take several years of planning and implementation. This will include a ‘dark period’ of 18 months with no synchrotron light for the user community, followed by a period to fully launch the new facility with three new flagship beamlines and major upgrades to many other beamlines.

An interesting opportunity

Postdoctoral Scientist for Protein Crystallography SRF Centre for Medicines Discovery (CMD), Biochemistry Phase II, South Parks Road, OX1 3QU We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral fellow for the Protein Crystallography Small Research Facility (PX-SRF), under the supervision of Professor Frank von Delft.

Full details are here