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MAIP: a web service for predicting blood‐stage malaria inhibitors

An interesting publication Bosc, N., Felix, E., Arcila, R. et al. MAIP: a web service for predicting blood‐stage malaria inhibitors. J Cheminform 13, 13 (2021).

We describe the development of an open-source software platform for creating such models, a comprehensive evaluation of methods to create a single consensus model and a web platform called MAIP available at MAIP is freely available for the wider community to make large-scale predictions of potential malaria inhibiting compounds. This project also highlights some of the practical challenges in reproducing published computational methods and the opportunities that open-source software can offer to the community.

The code to standardise the compounds and train the models is available on GitHub:




The ready to use Docker image to generate the models is available at The MAIP platform is available at