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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Annual Site review

As 2016 ends I'd like to take the chance to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope for great success in your drug discovery endeavours.

This website continues to increase in popularity with over 108,000 page views, an increase of 16% over the figure for 2015. The pages were visited by over 50,000 viewers and around a quarter of the visitors come back on multiple occasions suggesting they find it useful. The visitors come from 160 different countries with the US and UK topping the list.

The most viewed pages were

Interestingly the Books and Grant funding research have seasonal peaks in viewing.

Looking at the operating systems 57% are Windows users, 22% Mac users, 10% iOS and 8% Android, Chrome dominates the browser stats (58%) with Safari second (20%) and Firefox third (15%).