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Wellcome Trust £250m Leap Fund

Today Wellcome announced a new £250m not-for-profit fund: the Wellcome Leap Fund . The Leap Fund will accelerate discovery and innovation, with the aim of delivering breakthroughs over a five- to ten-year horizon.

"We want to take advantage of the surprising, left-field ideas that pose the question 'what if?' and support them in a new way that complements our existing funding structures."

Sounds like the aim is to support more high-risk research.

We don’t expect all projects to succeed, but we think the possibilities are incredibly exciting. And in taking some risks and backing at scale, we think we can deliver transformational developments that will improve people’s lives around the world

Wellcome have also recently announced the Open Research fund

Our new Open Research Fund supports innovative approaches that enable data, code or other research outputs to be discovered, accessed and reused

I've also compiled a page on Grant funded Research