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Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Open Source Malaria, what to make next

The Open Source Malaria project is trying a different approach to curing malaria. Guided by open source principles, everything is open and anyone can contribute.

A recent post gives an opportunity for everyone to participate, you can read a description of the background here Poll to decide which compounds to synthesise next as 'Pfizer phenol' analogues and the actual poll is here.

Following on from @JoshMaxwell's introductory post #554, we're keen to continue exploring this chemistry which now appears to be working well, and applying it to make further analogues of the phenol compound OSM-S-412, OpenSourceMalaria/Series4#3.

You should of course feel free to suggest additional modifications, it would be particularly useful if you could include a brief comment as to why you think your suggestion might be interesting.